We, the Artist Association of Asia, encourage a comprehensive approach to art, and organize an exhibition with the aim of introducing paintings, sculptures and crafts to the world. In addition, we wish to nurture human resources and conduct exchange activities with Asian countries through art with intention of contributing to the development of art in our country.

Our first ASIA GENDAI BIJUTSUTEN (ASIA MODERN ART EXHIBITION) under the name of NIKKA BIJUTSU KOYUKAI was held at the Taipei National Museum of History in April 1965. Yuki Shibahara became the founder chairman and ASIA BIJUTSUTEN was organized, which continues to date.

We changed our name to ASIA BIJYUTSU KOYUKAI in 1973. The seventeenth ASIA GENDAI BIJUTSUTEN was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Kokusai Building with the approval for establishment of corporate juridical person in June 1981. Malaysia and Pakistan took place in it for the first time and therefore 666 pieces of work could be displayed including Korea and Taiwan.

In reference to institutional reform concerning a public interest corporation enforced in 2008, we filed an application for the approval for public interest incorporated association with the Cabinet Office in April 2012 and obtained the accreditation in April 1, 2013. Then we filed an application for registration of dissolution of corporate juridical person and establishment of public interest incorporated association to the Legal Affairs Bureau. The name of ASIA BIJUTSU KOYUKAI was changed to ASIA BIJUTSU KYOKAI (Artist Association of Asia) with the approval for registration of alteration, and we are to continue our efforts to promote public interest in art in deed as well as in name and to pass it down to future generations.

In January 2020, the government applied for cancellation of a public interest incorporated association to the Cabinet Office, and completed the change registration as a general incorporated association on February 27 of the same year, aiming for a flexible exhibition that anyone can easily participate in.

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